Thursday, October 18, 2007

Le infants double face-to sexy

Banner: Le-child sexy in essence, it is a dawn favor

Apparel brand PAULE KA store held an opening party the night before last, the General Assembly invited the music-based modeling as infants, and Cecilia, also attended cooking, and other activities. 最近不斷有報道指因為黎明不批准,基兒將告別性感。 The recent reports that since the dawn not approved, will bid farewell to-child sexy. But the day before she was modeling one of the shirt, then vacuum Braille. Another set of Yukon, more clearly seen - infants umbilical ring.

Braille is umbilical Central Vacuum

Earlier a foreign girls involved in an accident, because the impact of excessive, the girl's seat belt umbilical Central Pressure penetration in vivo. The child-wearing a navel ring four years, she noted that good after all surprised that she is not afraid of these things will happen, that will wear each showmanship. She will be asked to wear milk ring? She said absolutely not, she is not afraid, but if the milk ring wear, how to show? Braille for their own vacuum, says child-usually do not love brassieres, she believed that it is very cold air-conditioned Braille, talking more immediate cross-hand cover the chest, said with a laugh: "I am not cold you back?" Asked why she was in power, not embarrassing? She will show that when the distance with the audience, will not be embarrassed, she will show fear most is less than or lower and performers on the shirt.

Cecilia husband love post teeth

New Drama starring Cecilia feedback "rotten Kennedy" has good ratings, but the censor has received complaints that show awareness of the adverse bad kids. A film that has long been expected this reaction, but she felt it was talking about is a good thing. As unpleasant play some role, she felt the children should be accompanied by parents before watching. But she does not by itself grounds ratings too, because it is uncontrollable. She feels that this drama several alternative, because male and female are kind decline, as new actors is a brave attempt. However, she saw her husband on the torturous post teeth very happy, so now each act or tease her husband, will wear fake checkpoint teeth.

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