Thursday, October 18, 2007

May new home decoration failure earnings summary claims

Banner: trouble shooting for the new home decoration.

Frankie Lam and singer living recently by Marina Cove will sell for moving new home. But the renovation work was delayed, the day before Frankie Lam told reporters the grievances. The day before shooting at a beauty prize presentation ceremony, has been asked this. She said that the design company has issued legal letters. In fact, she has always hoped that peace, and big problems into small ones, in the end it can not be tolerated. They consulted lawyers and found each other too many mistakes. Earnings feel that the other side can never is a bad guy, just not afford to do this project, so they decided to go to another company decoration, but before have spent a lot of money to get back now to justice.

That done, "House Crabs"

Asked whether her because she is the artist and Wen-long, the other side was deliberately made things difficult. May surplus believe it is not, but the other side can not afford. The present surplus with Wen-long living in the hotel, very inconvenient. She helpless, said: "Actually, I do not hurry to sell Marina Cove intermediary housing, but housing renovation works would expect so much late." As for reports that she become a "floor, crab," we should help mortgage sale. That in no way related to surplus, she did not understand why so often write that she had lost any feeling. She said that because the sale price is reasonable, she does not want to let out, afraid of her housing tenants will get good residual, we decided to sell off.

Turning to the workplace can profit scripts that do have under consideration, but are now mainly to rest. So over the years were not tried because of the easy life, and she hoped that a suitable script before shooting 30,000 pesos. Wireless has Chenhsun her sister? She said: "冇license!" The ATV she had to look at the script, but she did not implement the shooting.

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