Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Li Choi Wing Chun of Chinese ready-groping

Banner: A Rain Zi Yan and pleasant cooperation

ATV yesterday invited Li Cai China (Rain), as Hong days, and Yan Zi Liang Jun attended an outsourcing opera "Ode to Spring" conference, four at the play "folder beans games" in the limited use chopsticks separately formed and mung bean, Yong-chun understand the spirit of giving. But A Rain playing hands simply get in the end, finally dirty trick to win.

They are men and metamorphosis

A Rain said she did not like Tse angle with the men because of the dress and Yong-Chun, wearing She also taught themselves as anti-wolf operation, but also the time to learn Wing Chun. Asked whether she met a metamorphosis mediator? She said that during the previous reading in trams and trains 105. Another said she had been told that before reading the newspaper in the artist's blog posted on pornographic photographs, instant check on his blog, Who would have thought she was not spared, and the photographs that are indecent, she shoveled immediately follow.

And the first dress of the early Zi Yan said with a smile when facing star Nicholas Tse predecessors, and very tight, but after that they are very good people, from time to time she uses fresh snacks, and Nicholas Tse examine many peacetime less than what the school system, teaching her how to put before the camera Liang album.

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