Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Louis first three invited by the middleman

Photo: Louis (left) invited three of the middleman director Johnny (from left), Xu attended and Ringo

Louis watches as spokesman for the brand shop in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday at the opening ceremony. Louis and watches Group and the senior businessman Cai Zhiming, the Legislative Council cut the ribbon as Mrs Selina Chow, Qi guests. However, the opening ceremony was delayed for an hour before beginning to stay at the scene and could not help the media clamor. After burning at the hotel to attend the conference and to serve as models, together with the auction, Rosemary-smokers will display new wrist watch. The film "iron triangle", the director Ringo, Johnny and Xu also deployed as guests.

Although Louis as modeling, and the three directors have been invited to attend, but it seems less than the MC Chen Ji-Dressed bling 'in the lighting can clearly see Chen Ji Ping's underpants. Three directors usually look very cool, but also in the stage performance of humor character. Turning to shoot three "iron triangle" feelings, Ringo directly and said: "Today is like the table to us." Johnny also joked: "Actually, the more the better table, the most important thing is Ershugong (pawn shops) willing to."

Ghosts habit "fly paper earners"

Three directors said filming "iron triangle", but also "fly paper earners" situation. As an actor that has become accustomed to the terrain, wireless everywhere in the past has often this situation. However, he is the first cooperation with the three directors, shooting a film, he would find a few fun.

Irina said "Iron" film in mainland China has been released a week, with 15 million box-office success is pretty good. He asked to have confidence in the Hong Kong box office? The film that carries three different elements, jokes, thrills and fraternal feeling, the audience may not expect things. His shooting has confused? No ghosts that because many places do not understand, but before the shooting ask the director. He also directed that the most ordinary Which? Irina said Xu is the first shooting, some of his most absurd.

Ringo enjoy life

In addition, three recent reports that the director further cooperation in filming "Ghost Chuideng" protagonist is Bing-Bing Li, and the round-martial. Johnny said that in preparation for the film, are not yet implemented. Ringo and that the film is not his upbringing, asked the reporter whether the wind blowing the wrong; But he admitted there again Aldouri Xu and dumping cooperation. However, he smiled like the films that play for Aberdeen, Aberdeen also good for a few years, is too slow, no wonder Hong Kong last year, 50 have not produced the film. Reporter films that he can, Ringo said he has now recovered from the tour, trying to enjoy life, in addition to understanding the film, he still has no other way of life, but he will eventually be that the movie. Filming on "Fly paper earners" Ringo write the script that sometimes in black and white, the other will suddenly inspiration.

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