Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Xiong Dailin Wang not recognize Novice Ice delivery truck

Banner: Dai Lin Xiong denied since the lifting value

Since the "Galloping City" broadcast after the drama actor workload increase. Last night's broadcast with Chen Min, appealing, and Qi - qi, Dai Lin Qi Xiong attended a shoe store activities. Ma Chai makes no bones show him a lot of work, but refers to the high-Jun-more than he. Ma Chai said: "or not, everyone is always different directions, I admit making more money, but took no heed of the number of profit, in short, the wireless timing just gave me money." Ma Chai peacetime also investment, but most buy hedge against inflation, once with friends before buying the shares, making a double.

The sister-Tsan Lin

Chen Min of the team earlier in the Hunan "Galloping miracle," she found dance, improve her "cold back" may also learn ballet hours, and they are also quite dancing talent. However, she also fortunate previously studied ballet are very short period of time, otherwise it will become a "carrot feet." Recently she and Damian Dragon shooting and drama, they are her idol, won very happy. She praised Lin Mei live and are amongst the mirror, before the effect has the opportunity asked the caller experience.

Ability to purchase

Dai Lin Xiong foot four-inch high heels last night attended, a friend asked her whether her complaints too high? 她笑言沒有。 No she said with a smile. She recently reported that the downtown unhappy with the manager, deliberately raising his value, plans to refuse to work the new company. She said of course not, who would not make money, she would not deliberately raise prices. She stressed that good relations with the manager, they also know how to map En reported to a manager where she will catch up each other. Her recent success on the license plate, Aaron Kwok will be asked by car driving? She said frankly do not dare, because the other side is riding a wave manual, the school itself is automatically wave, and is also not valid Novice his car. She will also send requests Ice car? She said with a smile not, and the ability to own a car, is expected to buy two, three hundred thousand cars. Aaron Kwok "king" plates, the reporter called Ice send proposals as a "Queen" plates to her well. Dai Lin Xiong admitted dare not, for fear can not afford. As sent to reporters again that "Aaron" plates to her, she immediately said: "No, I think that his fans he is, How can it be considered when."

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