Thursday, October 11, 2007

LIAO infants do not think is a friend Farah

Banner: LIAO infants thick try to buy Floor

LIAO infants (Bernice), Fan Yi Min, decorations, and Qian Zhou appearance yesterday at a conference skin care products, Bernice candor with the reward, it is not denying this is a lot of work, hope that it will soon become home-owners, she smiled: "Now is still save money, although before desired, but soon Sheng price Kong economy really well. "

Training takes time

Mr Farah earlier appearance on "Yun-on" candor and Bernice started Although dumping turn private ownership, but not a friend, this Bernice: "I have heard this before because we may not have cooperation, as I told Steven, is the cooperation it into a second series as friends and colleagues of contacts in order to become more friends, the matter should be focused more time to train. "She also said that before Milan injured, and the pains and hard admission, she kept crying the more I speak English, so unknown that Ma Chai, Dallas took the translation, but after this after the meeting, Ma Chai even understand her. For Alexandra of her affair with Bernice Chen Hao cooperation "runny Storm" sequel, they asked Bernice to worry about-sex scandal? We are all colleagues she said with a smile, shoot a good role in the drama are only to the local audience.

Qian Zhou appearance slow

Also, Qian Zhou guest appearance yesterday as a new attempt to skin care products, she admitted their love to try new things, so many homes in the toilet new cosmetics and skin care products, experienced a more sensitive skin, because there the next day, then to seek medical attention immediately shot, said with a smile as white mice. Dating can also asked her the courage to try? She said the heat is slow, at least to understand each other only a year or so into feelings.

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