Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who Grossology 5,000 yuan for the greedy bites

Banner: who ignored deportment with the macho arm bite

By appearances (Harlem) and Dengjianhong presided over the "15th Taste" last night set a final video, in particular to increase the number of guests to eight people, including variety, Greer (Niki), Black (who), Mr Alex Fong, Elizabeth, stone repair, Commissioner Kenny (Kenny ) and Diana Pang, a more lively atmosphere. And who this right and a small scandal lovers, although no prior exchanges in dressing rooms, a small once even sat in the dressing rooms, but the duo into the plant after recording a turnaround in attitude, not only laugh and say there are no Sake of Avoidence. During the game the rich who are small, the increase is more money from time to time, even to 5,000 yuan even willing to bite the arm Yue Zheng Jian, it is doubtful whether she is such money.

Television upper left arm

Last night eight were divided into two groups to play games, results from the stone repair, Elizabeth, who in the group and Kenny that "the transfer of wealth" in part "Chuo noodles" wins, won a total of 168,000 yuan bonus. During a game of "order to work out a flavor to" link, causing who use finger food, she immediately asked whether to touch Dengjianhong, Dengjianhong hearing that she laughs touch his 28-inch chest muscle, who has expressed disdain too small, Dengjianhong that asked: "Now a few big loss?" Who suddenly speechless to right. After a finger order to work out who ham and Zheng Jian Yue (Rocky) arm, the initiative Harlem asked whether the Rocky bite on the arm and money, Harlem, she immediately agreed to increase 5,000 yuan bite, Rocky who immediately took up and bit the arm, forced to leave India tooth. Who said the game show will be completely evening, it will not avoid the small side, she lightly: "How to avoid? Are we going to hide it? Instead I was ironic, the day will give ironic! "

Harlem: has brought the matter to close

Harlem for the "Taste" program has reached a final set was very willing, he said: "program is started from zero, the ratings are very good, (it will add fresh?) In fact, two weeks after the program the Street, producer Tim has been called fresh, but I think to do anything attitude, and game show need a lot of creativity, unless there is a better idea, otherwise they would not do. "The reports of his marriage, he rallied to win:" I have to resolve their own methods, and non-multi-console ourselves. "

3:30 loyal to the wireless

In addition, she reported abducted secret to the signing of ATV said, "a DAN laugh," she clarified: "I have never been to ATV plant (ATV has to find you?) Everything is handled by the manager. "She added that for many years the host and the guests and wireless, unhappy good company She thought, although the future that no one know, but at the moment her heart belongs to the wireless. She smiled: "I hope to renew the company with money to express sincerity, but I do not expect the price written as reported (800 to 10 million), I am happy, the company also smart."

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