Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sydney caesarean section the next female excited tears

Sydney on the 12th of this month in Beijing caesarean section the next woman, weight 3.3 kg, and her daughter safe. Early motherhood, she and her husband Lun Liu Hao are excited in tears. She will be discharged in four days postpartum, let her concentrate on her husband to sit on, the cooks, maids, nannies and drivers serve. Specifically from his grandmother before she flew to Beijing to visit Taiwan.

Looks Qingxiu

Sydney before producing a low profile to be admitted to hospital, and home to be born daughter sitting, it will be good news to announce yesterday. Lun Liu Hao explained if the End of Health on the same day of the release of information, there will be access not congratulate the telephone; To let her in a quiet environment and recuperation, once her mobile phone confiscated. Recalled daughter born just that moment, Lun Liu Hao said they are both very excited. "Although a lot of checks done before, but still worried that the children are not healthy? When the children of Health issued a第一声crying out to see her basket, which is no way to describe emotion, not consciously tears streaming down. "As far as I know daughter looks very Qingxiu, bridge of the nose tall and quite similar to his father, a pair of big eyes like her mother. "In fact, our very own daughter like, the children have been very healthy Thanksgiving we had." Turnbull added: "daughter cry very Hongliang, like me."

Foreigners were Crystal

Their daughter has been admitted to the English name "Crystal (Crystal)," because he had given her first birthday gift is a symbol of love and happiness pink crystal ball, so to Crystal when her daughter's English, to mark the two-person love. As for the name in Chinese, they will be invited to the Lun Liu Hao knowledgeable father agreed. Lun Liu Hao said, mother and daughter are healthy, as has been insisting campaign FC resume very quickly and state is also very good, but next month they will remain very nervous, "because confinement is very important, we also have a lot to learn, how to bring children is a great learning . "Although the family has hired professional nurses, Lun Liu Hao said he would also like to learn how babies, changing diapers and so on," their meaning is not doing the same. "Sydney also intend to breast-feeding her daughter.

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