Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spencer said with a smile suddenly want to unmarried daughters

Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wan Chai last night at the "big reward health beautiful 2007" prize presentation ceremony, a number of spokesmen for the health products such as Spencer, Wes, Mandy Cho, Liza, and Tommy Lee Secretary chess, etc. are present, singer Alex Fong as guest performers singing Journey.

Nick daughter lovely

Do health products for two consecutive years spokesman for the quarry, said with a smile charge people a reward, of course, hope that the products sold well. Spokesmen asked him to do whether upgrading? He jokes very satisfied. Jia Ying said that the past two years are very satisfied with their achievements, he said: "I have set a target to earn money to buy homes, hoping to buy Hongshan Peninsula to investment point of view, the best to preserve and increase the ability to buy high and hope that goal can be reached within three years." Reporters laughed that he should buy property after marriage family , Jia Ying said: "I have scores of women have very many points since seen Nick's daughter, I would also like to have a daughter, but do not just want to marry a girl, I believe no one willing to temporarily only to play other people's children."

Wes on the Prize equanimity

Busy with the appearance of Wes also to attend the evening before went to the hospital to visit seriously ill brother, Lebanon infant brother asked how, she said: "has been receiving treatment and will later further surgery, see a doctor for everything." Wireless IP is around the corner, Wes said frankly thought had been awards She laughs: "all may not be nominated, not their own lack of confidence that we have not really thought about."

The Alex Fong as guest performers on the recent stock market boom also slightly experience, he said: "In fact, I have already started his investment, although not earned, but not finally lost money, my experience is to buy quality stocks and not diversified investment." Asked whether the anticipated wife, Fang said: "Do not say this, I hope that parents living environment, and hope that we can buy a house as our ancestral home."

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