Saturday, October 20, 2007

Niki play enough ghosts of zombie-type shock

Greer (Niki), Chenbaiyu, Xiewenya (Casey), EO2, Oscar, streams Ping and his wife, Zheng, Chen Ran (Portland son), yesterday at Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center, "EMax HauntedMax frightening ghost city" frighten you on the activities, in line with Halloween and House singers and guests are upset ghost modeling emerged and join in expedition into ghost houses, the public uproar ghosts, the son of a false-modeling the most life zombie eyes, painted red ghost modeling did not back down either, each bucket terrifying.

Has the ghost houses

Niki systemic black dress up, wear gloves Skulls first took office singing, very-female. Large photographs, the men approached Niki uproar ghosts around, Niki not be intimidated. Original Niki in Hong Kong has not tried to ghost houses, but in the past, Japan had a ghost houses on the most frightened by the ghost is no end-to-end catch. Asked whether she was pumping? Niki said with a smile I wonder if the other side is male or female, if the other side are men and pumping it to her, she will be slapped each other a slap in the face, but she should be related to the indecent assault, after the first villain gentleman.

Niki did not join the recall was not known, it is Halloween 2001, she wearing a mask Night Po Street, now of course not to do so. This Halloween, Niki admitted Undetermined how to celebrate. That would send a Halloween sugar, Niki said his favorite camp sugar, the building before many foreigners living there are often children to her by the door bell Luo sugar, as children too short, whenever she opened the door for them, they are gone.

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