Monday, October 01, 2007

The Twins have a favorable impression of Li -

Recently launched new album, "Twins Party" Twins, shopping centers yesterday to Garner, the duo appeared to wig. Who explosion is the first Mickey Mouse jokes, she said that this is in line with the body's T-shirt, the collar will be more who play Mickey Mouse tie, seriously bubble.

Twins perform the new song at the scene and the dispatch of large posters, fans cheered and beat, especially for a black idols prepared dish-shaped cake. A Sa personally songs recorded in the creation of this album, the song "Bulagezhilian" is the same name the film after she read the book, she would like to remind everyone to cherish the songs of all things. This work took several months to complete, A Sa consciously is a major step forward.

In addition, Cecilia Cheung-Twins simply as a brand-run liquor spokesmen, they believe that every one brand spokesmen often change, and there is nothing special. There will be asked Allen gave two scandal boyfriend, who immediately said that has nothing to do with her, the only 'A Sa. Korean stars Lee Jun Ki will join "The King" Twins praised each other subordinates would welcome the opportunity to cooperate with each other, who praise all the other things are holding fresh attitude, good willing to learn.

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