Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chen is boldly exploded by the scandal girlfriend the material to like drinking the milk

Drew a charge "regards the emperor" Chen to be bold (Moses) yesterday to accept "Will Cloud Dinner party" to visit, manages Chen Chihyun also to suspend the bright bias to him, altogether delivered three gifts to give him, including 三合一 the coffeemaker, the different coffee bean and big between-meal snack, remembered the cloud personally to fry the egg, to dry the bread and but actually the coffee enjoys to Moses, remembers the cloud on the one hand to pour out on the other hand the coffee to say with a smile: "Moses likes drinking the milk to be many has drunk the coffee, is his scandal girlfriend tells me." Also requests Moses extemporaneously to eat "the honest bean sandbag", in order to visits time may speak the truth; Greatly explodes Moses the scandal girlfriend has Chen Huishan, Guo Hsienni and incumbent Liao Pier, reddens all over the face Moses, is redder than the behind red background board.

Discusses the blue drop perspiration

Asked Moses may have any topic in the program is does not want to say, he says with a smile: "Should better not have to speak the scandal! (Chen Chihyun explodes you the scandal girlfriend, three center who are real?) Does not have. (When public girlfriend?) Marriage! When but unknown marries, before can think the good quick marriage, the before dedication to work not too was possibly heavy. (Blue but your marriage object?) The enterprise is heavy!" Chen Chihyun wen Yanchi interrupts says the enterprise love to be allowed to coexist, only if is does not have the confidence to the affection, Moses namely blushes the road: "Dies! (You whether don't have confidence to affection?) Does not know!" And wipes with the hand the forehead, shows oneself in the drop perspiration.

When, Chen Chihyun appreciated Guo Fuch'eng on the other day 演唱會 is hit by friend's automobile the foot, although lessened the swollen area, but still not completely was restored to health, yesterday still with a limp, after doctor estimated took a week only then to be possible completely to be restored to health, he said with a smile: "Doctor has written on several 假給 I, but this week has many work, therefore equally cannot have a vacation."

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