Thursday, November 22, 2007

Raymond Lam Debut Album Covers Revealed

Raymond Lam (林峯) will be releasing his debut album tomorrow, after signing with EEG earlier in the year. A special promotional event was held today for the album, Love Seeking You In My Memory <愛在記憶中找你> and the three different covers available were revealed.

The three cover shots Raymond posing as a model, relaxing in bed and soaking wet in a rainy scene. Each set of photographs enhances the best of his great body and handsome good looks. In some of the more provocative photos, he even shows his nipples. Raymond revealed that when he shot the cover, he enjoyed the scenes when he was in bed the most because he could take advantage of the chance to get some rest. He said that he was very cold when shooting the wet pictures and he felt a little embarrrassed showing his body and his nipples.

Raymond's fan club were all present in their uniforms at the event and some lucky representatives were allowed on the stage to present him with flowers. He did not disappoint them and repaid their loyalty by heading over to the audience during his performance to shake hands and get close.

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