Thursday, November 22, 2007

The young young plays rough the street corner to Li Pingping to pull the unlined upper garment

Zhou Yumin (young young) the movie place male does gives to Du Qifeng "Butterfly To fly" a piece. Regarding this cooperation, the young young felt inexplicable excited, he said he idol Liu Dehua and Du Qifeng cooperated many times, each time all has taken to the audience to be pleasantly surprised, specially liked Hua Tzuyu "Dark War" the center performance, he also hoped this was allowed to perform brand-new Zhou Yumin, for everybody pleasantly surprised.

Pulls flings the sports attire

The young young and Li Pingping develops the lover in the play, because two person of individualities all extremely try to outdo others, show off power, the young young has creates a disturbance the Li Pingping play minute. Play narrates two people to quarrel on the street, the young young plays rough to the ice ice, vigorously seizes the ice ice the hand, ice not indignation, bitterly has vigorously pushed the young young. The ice ice wore the young young 8 sports attires at that time, under a young young anger hoists the ice ice put on the sports attire, finally compelled the ice was the field takes off the sports attire.

Is stressed the pain

When photography, how does the direct demonstrate to hold on the ice ice body by oneself the sports attire, hoped the young young may develop excitedly 1., is hot tempered 1.. When to official photography, the young young really entire sentiment investment, pulls out the stature arrogant small ice ice entire person, the command the ice are surprised immediately. After makes this play, the ice said ︰ "He has also torn up my body on sports attire, me the arm also stresses very much the pain to him, now already turned the stasis wound!"

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