Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eason sends an acute communicable disease to read "Gao Lihsien" wrong

Chart: Eason (is left) is east asian games holds to sing, Huo Zhenting sends delivers the souvenir

Chen Luanhsun (Eason) two 演唱會 which holds for the east asian games has especially rounded off to the night before last, Liang Aishih, Che Chuhung and Gao Li Ze and so on has arrives the support. That very evening Eason performance extremely high, sings when "Enlightens to Superhuman Adds", the onamot peak puts in the important spot plays the role of the superhuman movement, extremely annoys smiles, but under Ms. Xu Haoying and daughter Kang Tiyeh high, often sets out to dance equally very much, the atmosphere surges upward, that very evening the overtime to 12 o'clock 25 minute only then fields, can fine.

Eason that very evening sings when "Superhuman Enlightens Adds", for a while excitedly the onamot peak puts on the important spot, and makes the superhuman movement, Arab League Xu Hok'ang the dike also often sets out to dance, the response is warm. Period Eason introduced when Gao Li Ze, unexpectedly reads the wrong opposite party name, calls "Gao Lihsien", Eason afterwards explained oneself too anxiously sends sends an acute communicable disease. Eason said "rotten gag" connected, but miserably is drunk by the audience but actually picks, but also has the singer fan to approve him enchantingly, after Eason listens namely happy to smile says first time is approved by the person he to be enchanting, smiles asked whether opposite party does want to be called him to be "the riddle person"?

Selects the battle song god 12:25 散場

演唱會 the last act, Eason suddenly takes off the white T.恤, caused the audience point shouts crazily shouts, but inside him also has an unlined upper garment, he expressed this sang enough reduced several pounds, said when then pulled up the coat the show belly to give everybody the appreciation. That very evening under Eason many peaceful elder brother, 演唱會 to 12 o'clock 25 minute only then 散場. In the past Xu Kuanchieh (Arab League Sam) performed the overtime to 12 o'clock 40 divided into for the record, afterwards asked whether Eason did want to break Arab League Sam the record? He expressed had not thought breaks the song god the record, only hoped everybody 盡興 turns over to, smiles the word early to know sings zero early morning two!

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