Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weng Hungwei the child sets up compassion mother the example

Chart: The old man rainbow post-natal attends the public activity for the first time, spiritual Luan Luan

In order to help national in the impoverished family mother and the baby, "the China youth foundation shell because the beautiful female infant showed loving concern the fund" officially to be established to yesterday, but just to last month 12th under the birth favored daughter's old man rainbow, yesterday just was "sat the time of childbirth" last the day, joyfully attended this significant the activity, this also was she post-natal publicly declares a position for the first time.

As a mother, Weng Hung extremely is honored can attend this this activity, she said: "Tomorrow on 12th will be my baby Man Yueh day, in other words today is I sits the time of childbirth final one day. I from am pregnant the initial period, starts the charitable prenatal care, today this activity although does for me sits the time of childbirth rounding off, but is charitable, the public welfare never can finish, I hoped can give own child sets up "compassion mother" the example, lets her understand shows loving concern and shares."

Post-natal spiritual Luan Luan

Post-natal Weng Hung certainly uncommon parturient woman obese extremely fat, is still beaming and buoyant. She speaks frankly in order to guarantee the health, starts to practice moral culture by no means loses weight, now restores well, all benefits to the pre-natal science raises the embryo, only then cannot be excessively obese. She said that, "Sits time of childbirth period mainly is must regain vigor, therefore I cannot be anxious to the thin body, the health is first. My gentleman said must at least in two months only then implements loses weight the plan, before this, so long as I "eat, have a good sleep, the mood is good, the attention maintains warmth", relieved recreation."

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