Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hou Hsiaohsien comes Hong Kong to attain honor doctor

Chart: Hou Hsiaohsien has the honor to receive doctor, smiles the word to like the savage

Famously directs Hou Hsiaohsien early to come the port, the master class which the attendance baptist church university holds, exchanges the movie attainment and the passing experience with the student. Yesterday Hou Hsiaohsien directed attains soaks greatly issues honor literature doctor, the goal is wants to praise the remarkable achievement and to society's contribution which the marquis directed. Afterwards Hou Hsiaohsien was asked rewards the feeling, he smiles the word all not to always experience these matters, smiled refers oneself sits a moment ago on, the feeling like savage was same.

The young people enter the line

Refers to presently the stylish generation of young direct all to join makes the movie, Hou Hsiaohsien expressed they certainly can experience the difficulty, but actually this also has the advantage to them. He thought makes the young direct, most is important is knew any movie may move the person. Now Hou Hsiaohsien is arranging the new piece, he thought the language question most makes his headache, because must two elects in the middle of Cantonese and the southern Min dialect its one, middle he thought Cantonese is mature in Hong Kong, now as before in consideration.

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