Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fahrenheit New Album..!!

Im Sure Every1 Iz Reli Excited For Fahrenheit's New Album. I cant wait myself lolx

November 21st 2007 - they will be releasing the japanese version of 我有我的Young.

Their 2nd album called Ours (我們的) will be releasing in January 2008.

These r the songs tht r goin to be in their new album:
1.我們的 (Ours)
2. 愛.飛 (Love. Fly)
3. 戀曲888 (Romance Tune 888)
4. 漫步 (Slow Walk)
5. 不在服務區 (Not in Service Area)
6. 隻身在英國 (In England)
7. 待定 (Awaiting)
8. 期盼 (Anticipation)
9. 回來吧,MY LOVE (Come Back, My Love)
10. 冬雨 (Winter Rain)

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