Saturday, November 10, 2007

Zheng Xiuwen like is willing with He Yunshih to sing in a chorus

Chart: Zheng Xiuwen (is left) and He Yunshih finally like is willing to sing in a chorus the song

Zheng Xiuwen (Sammi) and He Yunshih on invitation is "sixth session of Asia plays unfolds" holds the post of the spokesman, continuously all hoped chorus they, this finally like are willing to be allowed to sing in a chorus a tune, for the grand its matter, the Arab League poem and participates in the composing music part, Arab League poem road: "I thought two girls sing the love song not to be good, dance are not also easy, therefore this in the song China and Canada 搖滾 taste, the entire first song has not divided the size, a person sings one half."

Is willing to be the best new person

Sammi teases the road: "The many thanks Arab League poem lets me sing half song, I have waited for 30 years, finally has waited till, sings in a chorus well with the Arab League poem is happy, after day, you!" The Arab League poem also echoes says with a smile: "! After I am the day, now our invited this year best female new person - - Zheng Xiuwen!" But yesterday they arrived general the Australian big lawn to photograph MV, when by before dawn two continuously patted to 6 PM, has only completed MV 1/3, but they actually were in the least tired, Sammi smiled the word so long as then patted her to be attractive may. Because begins in the lawn, for exempts has the snake appearance, staff then in advance 灑 under sulphur powder, but actually expels the winged insect, when always feared insect's Sammi discovered a 吋 long black locust bee, the immediate beautiful face 失色, and to likes playing insect's Arab League poem to pray for rescue, Sammi refers to the Arab League poem most to like taking the insect to touch must "periphery Fing"!

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