Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pulls the paternal aunt to approve 栢 The iris makes the mother value four percentages

Chart: Pulls the paternal aunt to reprimand some people randomly to make the news (material picture)

Yesterday had the report to refer open 栢 The iris because conspires to resurface makes money, recently frequently went to town, stays behind loves in the home, moreover stopped feeding the person milk. Also said 栢 The iris this act is pulled paternal grandmother the paternal aunt really is the disaffection. Yesterday pulled the paternal aunt and 栢 The iris accepts Zha Hsiaohsin together the broadcasting station program telephone visit, 栢 The iris expressed this report really too bored, most is bored is refers to her to feed ten times of people milks every day. 栢 The iris acknowledged already has not fed the person milk, mainly is because of Gu Naihao the pain, on in addition encircles the measurement, causes her body to change is not balanced, therefore certainly must stop feeding the person milk.

栢 The iris indicated that, paternal grandmother saw the report, compares her to make fun of. She all thought paternal grandmother has received the grievance, actually paternal grandmother always all gives her the very great degree of freedom, like this reported very is really unfair. Yesterday just happened to meet is the Lucas birth hundred days, 栢 The iris has arranged for to like doing sends to, but pulls four sides the paternal aunt because went to Thailand to do obeisance Buddha not to be able to attend. 栢 The iris said paternal grandmother good had a mind, to go to in front of Thailand specially to take a Lucas handsome young man to pray. 栢 The iris indicated that, recently every day led the son to go to town, she could not forbid the son to expose, because grew up has also had to see the person, she hoped the son to be allowed the normal child's life.

Pulls the paternal aunt although the body also to penetrate the telephone in Thailand to clarify the report. She said that, own from have not gotten angery scolds 栢 The iris, is magazine reporter randomly does. She said this reporter frequently makes the phone call to come, only was asked her two, the middle Canadian salt vinegar, made a story afterwards. She thought newly hugs very suffering from injustice, hoped everybody do not have to write their room business to like "Family Spring and Autumn Period".

Pulls the paternal aunt to say, 栢 The iris looks after the household very much, is the daughter to have a percentage, is the wife is two percentages, does newly hugs is the value three percentages, makes the mother value four percentages. She says, 栢 The iris also indicated can live three, four, before when all asks doctor to be allowed to regenerate. Pulls the paternal aunt also to say always all well encourages 栢 The iris work, did not have to like oneself same year such, she thought 栢 The iris acts in a play compared to the thunderclap front acts in a play splendidly.

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