Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In Ang Lee New York the state enjoys the family life

Chart: Ang Lee is not anxious to pat the new piece (material picture)

International well-known directs Ang Lee, yesterday attained "the New York Times" by the great length to introduce he and his movie, to and its lived at home the life. Ang Lee family of four live in New York the state, the home life also is not the Hollywood -like, but he therefore chooses in New York, because may normally live, if trades in Taiwan, he walks on the street can extremely focus attention on.

Expensively for the international level direct, Ang Lee in the home only is works as the chef, the wife is the genuine household head. Front each time leaves home to egress shoots a movie, he can wrap in several hundred boiled dumplings existences refrigerator for the family member, the transferor person thought of when his cooking craftsmanship may satisfy desires. Pats when "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon" and "Color Abstains" two flat and thin pieces, is Ang Lee leaves home the longest day, although thinks of the family very much, but in order to shoot a movie still was is worth, wanted achievement some matters to have after all to have the sacrifice, in fact he thought oneself has obtained the suitable repayment.

Moreover, has biography Ang Lee to prepare the new piece "A Little Game", but he expressed this plan does not have the concrete application, while completes "Color Abstains" the propaganda work, he now only wants to rest well with the family member reunites, as well as helps the little son to apply for the university.

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