Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Zeng Huach'ien abandoned with mysterious chest measurement Mr. Wu like the plan is mother again

Chart: Mr. Wu like was the mother to dress up front is also denser many

Jianshazui during improved looks the center yesterday to hold the opening ceremony, invited spokesman Zeng Huach'ien, Mr. Wu like, 陳法 the hibiscus (Monica), Zhu Yin and Zhu Huishan holds the post together cuts the ribbon the honored guest. 陳法 the hibiscus and Zhu 茵 puts on the low chest to install the appearance, extremely snatches the mirror. As for took spokesman's Zeng Huach'ien, yesterday although was the low chest goes forth to battle, but actually often covered the chest.

Zeng Huach'ien already is the fifth year is the spokesman, she hoped had the opportunity to be able buy stock. Asked whether her remuneration for services rendered has made five levels to jump? She expressed the cosmetology center proprietress, is his/her the son schoolmate's mother, she only receives the friendship price. Asked she tries to make the abundant chest treatment course? She smiles the word not to try, but has worn the mysterious chest measurement, thought does not set off with own. She called the big chest actually is bears. She smiles the word if the boyfriend loves her big chest the speech, that was inferior to was called him to look for second well. Zeng Huach'ien also could not consider injected Yang T'aisu, because she thought the birth and death was must pass through the stage.

陳法 the hibiscus Zhu 茵 joke breaks the back sentiment

Zhu Yin expressed itself has the cosmetology support, but sometimes also can from pull out the belt-bag to enjoy, because is the customer to be allowed to set the request. 陳法 the hibiscus recently became steals the shade object, she smiled the word luckily friends all to approve her not to put on make-up still on very the mirror. Regarding is passed on "breaks with Cai Shaofen the back sentiment", she says Cai Shaofen and Zhu Yintu is her good friend, if middle a marriage, moreover two certain dowries. Regarding has the biography she to struggle Cai Shaofen with Wang Tsulan, Monica expressed and opposite party not ripely winds. Zhu Yintse smiles says makes fun of, only the shade to 陳法 the hibiscus and Cai Shaofen, does not have her the share son. Zhu Yin smiles says should join her with boyfriend Huang Kuanzhong in this then in the scandal, everybody becomes integrated with.

Mr. Wu like smiles the word to know Zhu Yin and 陳法 the hibiscus with the field, specially dresses up dense 1., so as to avoid pales by comparison. Reporter referred to her old friend Zeng Huach'ien the also low chest to go forth to battle, Mr. like both hands lifted V character hand signal immediately, smiled the word to have two V. Mr. like expressed oneself does not worry to lose shape, instead feared the bodily function declines, always the daughter also is small. She now the body has the illness, immediately looks at doctor, every half year can make a time of health examination. Mr. like says the plan to regenerate, Christmas day can diligently make the person, therefore early pushed Asia to regard a play. Open 栢 The iris now meets the play to be able lists in the contract begins the period to be possible to live BB, does not need to take the responsibility. Mr. like also understands 栢 Iris point of view. She thought receives short-term the work.

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