Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chen Sungling the stature is obese is pregnant the misgivings

Chart: The loose pine is obese annoys is pregnant the misgivings

Chen Sungling (loose pine), Lin Hsilei, Zheng Chia Ying and Yang I night before last in the Kuala Lumpur attendance tidal current clothing brand Bonia evening banquet, the loose pine responsibly presses the axis to sing, but wears the dew back late attire she obvious fat has been actually many, and the whole evening sedulously uses the shawl to do covers up, makes one before think is pregnant the report about her to leave oneself open to rumor by no means.

Afterwards closely examines the loose pine whether had the pregnancy? She ha ha says with a smile: "Why asked like this? (Because had report to refer to you to be pregnant?) After nine months you had known, is possible in front of me eats many hot pots in Beijing to be the result of too, (whether at present not conveniently says?) Do not want too many, in brief present stage I quite happy, if marries certainly can announce, (you with another one half all is whether happy?) Happy!" Before the loose pine also says the report to have very many all is wrong and has the misunderstanding, reporter closely examines her again whether has married? She namely says with a smile: "Too is quick! In brief marries certainly can announce, (that you may accept unmarried fresh young?) The mother does not permit, my itself also very tradition, (whether because of religious relations?) Very many people do the matter I cannot do, but calculates! Indifferent, all is guesses, I am quite busy, does not want to be flowered the brains."

Cannot unmarried give birth

Also asked whether the present should congratulate her? She smiles but not answer. As for why sings when must use the shawl to cover up? She smiles the word because has been fat, but whether is pregnant, she still was that "nine months has then known". Refers to the report to refer to her the boyfriend to be younger than her many, the loose pine says the report to have very many is not all correct, she also does not want to say too many, may say is they now well, and can have the well development.

Lin Hsilei low V sex appeal crown entire audience

Night before last Lin Hsilei declares a position by the Deep V late attire, mays be called the entire audience most sex appeal, but she smiles word this is not her limit, but also may again sexy some. But fine Ying night before last also has sings, walks falls to shake hand with the audience, attraction very many Shi Nai goes forward to surround him, makes his whole body big perspiration, but saw the audience is so warm he very to be also happy.

Moreover, yesterday morning fine Ying, the loose pine and the Yang joy, the special shop which opened in the market cuts the ribbon for the above brand, asked fine Ying might know the loose pine to have BB? He said that, "Does not know! Although thought she has been plentiful, but own do not understand looked that, you ask her! If is really congratulates her." But Yang I also expressed girl period of time from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m fat when is thin, only thinks the loose pine both the spirit and the health, asks her to be able otherwise to the loose pine proof? She says with a smile: "I worried whether is closely examined by the person the oneself rotten gambling!" Speaks of night before last Lin Hsilei to snatch the mirror very much, she has lost as if a weaponry, she thought dresses up is does not need to depend on the sex appeal, most important is the innermost feelings is attractive; But fine Ying also thought the victory and loss depends on clothes by no means.

In addition, yesterday the scene, the Yang joy did not stop takes the men's clothing shoes to look that, asked she planned who gave? She says with a smile: "So long as does not spend money, are many I all to want." Also asked fine Ying may be able to seize the chance to choose some shoes and the handbag gives the opposite sex? He makes the shield immediately with the mother, said: "Could not, because before bought she entirely does not come in handy for the mother, therefore rather 折現 bought for her. (May try to deliver handbag to opposite sex?) Has! Is gives the mother!"

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