Monday, December 10, 2007

Ang Lee does smiles the expression to become 爲 "Classics"

Chart: Ang Lee (is left) in the promulgation ritual interest strange expression, becomes "the classics", side for Mr. Wu like

"44th Session of Golden Horse Award Promulgation Ceremony" the night before last rounds off, bravely seizes seven big prizes "Color, Abstains" becomes the big winner. Directs Ang Lee to lead "the best new actor" the soup only and Wang Lihong attends celebrates the merit feast, and holds the champagne celebration, but Ang Lee and Mr. Wu like issues "the best actor" link, also becomes celebrates at the merit feast discussion topic. Ang Lee expressed originally the congress has arranged the script, but Mr. Wu like the hope did not do with the script. Ang Lee should Mr. like the request make is angry, acts like a spoiled brat, the ugly face and so on the clever horse expression, annoys the entire audience to laugh. Afterwards will see Mr. if to reward the name list also to tear up, he has all been scared, because feared looked not clear "liang dynasty was great" name. Ang Lee smiles in front of the word has gone to the innumerable film previews, but has not seen has been able to slight the law like this; But, he all hoped wife may see so does the picture which smiles. He also hoped may taste 試拍 does 笑片, but most is important is finds the theme, Wang Lihong all refers to this is Ang Lee "the classics" work.

The soup only after had not called the feeling was a pity

Ang Lee night before last is busy with the attendance to celebrate the merit feast, also has not had the time to send a telegram mother. He has not also had sends a telegram the great young to congratulate, because opposite party early in the morning then wants to make a movie. But Ang Lee's travelling schedule extremely is also close, yesterday afternoon will build the high-valence iron to go south, joins alma mater Tainan to extend the even middle school 50th anniversary school anniversary, afternoon again returned Taibei and old friend movie-making James Schamus attends "the century movie" together the discussion. Rarely returns to Tainan, he all planned does obeisance offers a sacrifice to the father, he smiles in front of the word when Japanese propaganda, some people asked him if the father also in the world, he has the guts to pat "Color, Abstains"? He said too is really difficult to answer, but he before thought pats when "Broke Back Mountain", the father also in the side blesses him. He smiles says this racket "Color, Abstains", believed original work Zhang Ailing all are looking at him.

Moreover, asked Ang Lee only has not been able to result in regarding the soup rewards whether or not felt was a pity? He indicated has, but the award item then is an award item, in addition Joan Chen also is his good friend, also has participates in "Color, Abstains" performance. Was asked can ask Guo Fuch'eng to cooperate? Ang Lee smiled the word same year Liu Dehua to ask when he did have the opportunity cooperation, he smiled asked when opposite party did take the shade emperor. Did not estimate the next time passage young has been the shade emperor, but until now still has not had the opportunity cooperation, he all feared again wrote the bounced check. He greatly approves Guo Fuch'eng is a good actor, because opposite party diligently gets rid of the idol image, the performing skill greatly has the progress, is really worth appreciating.

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