Monday, December 10, 2007

Charlene Choi Cleans Pigs And Babysits For New Show

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), Steven Cheung (張致恆) and Vincci Cheuk (卓韻芝) will be hosting a special five-episode series for TVB, Charlene's Reality Show <阿Sa真人Show>, beginning from Sunday.

The reality challenge show will feature a different theme in each episode, and the hosts will be given tasks that include working at a pig farm, looking after children, finding work, making money and catching shrimp in the sea.

For the press event today, the hosts demonstrated their baby-sitting skills, with Charlene making them noodles and Steven demonstrating how to carry the children and change a baby's nappy.

Charlene said that she is quite a patient person, but she lost her temper during filming when she was looking after children and pigs and ended up shouting at Steven. She said: "Take picking things up after children for example, you pick up things on one side, but then they go and scatter things all over the other side. Then Steven complains about my cooking and that made me even more frustrated. Because I am an only child, I once wanted to have a dozen children of my own, but after this experience, I have changed my mind and will limit myself to two."

Asked what memorable experiences she has had filming this series, Charlene said that she had to dress up as a dorky girl to find work in Guangzhou as a washer-upper. However, she was unsuccessful and realised that people in Guangzhou are actually quite trendy and never dress up like she did. Asked if she will film another series if this one is successful, she turned quite pale and said: "No thanks! It was very hard work, especially the shrimp fishing, I was so sick that I nearly died."

On the other hand, Steven said he had great fun filming the show because his first job was being an artiste and he has never had experience of any other work, so he relished the chance to try other occupations, such as making wantans and cooking noodes. He said that looking after children was not difficult for him because he often helps his cousin look after her kids.

Talking of his memorable experiences, Steven said that cleaning the pigs at the farm was particularly good fun: "Originally it was Charlene who had to wash the pigs and she wore a mask at first, but the water pressure was too high and she was not strong enough to hold it, so I gave her a hand. There was a lot of pig muck on the pigs themselves, so when they were sprayed, the muck flew upwards. I did not have a mask on, so my face was covered and some even got stuck to my teeth, so I had to wash my mouth out." As for Charlene not wanting to do another series, Steven laughed that it was okay because next time they could get Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) to do it instead.

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