Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ariel Fussy Acting Taking Blood ~ Doesn't Work Out After 10NGs

Ariel Lin on the 23rd for the spokesperson of a breakfast shop enjoying the fun together with the children of the Child Welfare League Foundation.R.O.C, at the scene even became a baby sitter, playing games with the children.

Ariel revealed will be getting ready to film the new drama "Paper Rose", she has twice now missed the chance with Jerry Yan, feeling regretful. Ariel heard Jerry is very serious when filming, often "Q" saying that's turtle hair (meaning fussy), she laughs saying: "I'm also turtle hair". She said once filming a scene where she had to take someone's blood in "They Kiss Again", the 6 minute scene shot nearly 10 NG's, the blood couldn't come out, causing the other person to cry.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) But I feel sorry for her that she missed her chance to act with Jerry Yan. I personally think that the two would have great teamwork and the characters in the two dramas would be different, which would make the audience feel more propelled to watch it.

And lucky kids!

* ) so was Jerry supposed to be in Paper Rose or in Skip Beat? Heh, Ariel’s right – her and Jerry are both “fussy”/perfectionistic when it comes to acting. Dang, I feel bad for the person who had to go through the 10 NGs of getting blood drawn! Poor Ariel must have felt really bad, too. Eh, but some people are just really hard to draw blood on… can’t even get it with 16 tries =P

* ) Hmm, I thought there was another article that talked more about Ariel and Jerry possibly working together – only I thought it was talking about Skip Beat

* ) ooh, Ariel and Jerry would have made a really good pair!! They're both really dedicated to making the best of their filming, plus they're both good looking X) Aww, hopefully they'll get a chance to work together in the future!!

* ) I haven't finished watching TKA yet. I wonder if she's talking about the scene where Xiang Qin was practising taking blood with Qi Tai. So, is that person Figaro Ceng (who played Qi Tai)? If yes, poor Figaro.

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