Monday, April 28, 2008

Bloggger Fixxing Bug On April 18th

April 18th Fixes

* The “Add another image” link in the image upload box now works even if you haven’t filled in a URL.
* The labels field in the post editor autocompletes more predictably when one label starts with the same words as another.
* URLs in the Name / URL part of the comment form are now validated.
* Header fixes for the 897 and 565 templates.
* The draft / published / scheduled filters on the Edit Posts list now work reliably in Internet Explorer.
* Videos uploaded through Sony Ericsson phones now appear as enclosures in the blog’s Atom and RSS feeds, so they can be retrieved with a video podcast client.
* Miscellaneous typos and translations corrected.

Other Recent Changes:

* New blogs have OpenID commenting enabled by default.
* XFN rel="me" links between blogs and profiles.
* Adding more than 5 poll choices now works in Internet Explorer.
* The search box on the Edit Posts page is now available in all supported languages.
* The “www” redirect option is now available for custom domains that end in “”
* New “Related Resources” box on the Dashboard links to AdSense, Google Reader, and Picasa Web Albums.

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