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Michelle Williams Battling with Maggie Q

Maggie Q battles with Michelle Williams

Maggie Q...clad in a skimpy, barely-there outfit...if that doesn't capture your attention then we don't know what will. Her part in the sexual thriller "Deception" may only be a few minutes long but it is sure to turn heads. In fact, one would think Maggie's manager had carefully plotted a devious little plan to get her cast in the highest number of seductive, memorable roles. There was her leggy red dress appearance in M:I:3, her sexy vicious villain in Die Hard 4.0 and yet another appearance in a...err...barely-there oufit in Balls of Fury. The pattern in her choice of roles are more than obvious but Q claims otherwise.

"I never set out to play these so called sexy roles," Maggie says, "I also never set out to play these tough roles I'm always landing. I'm always in a boy's movie. Even in the Chinese film Three Kingdoms, my character was supposed to be male."

Perhaps that's why she auditioned for the leading role in "Deception", alongside Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor. It would have been a different side to Maggie we're still waiting to see -the role called for sex appeal, which Maggie already has pat down, but she would have to take that a step further as a dark and secretive yet vulnerable woman. But that role was eventually given to Michelle Williams.

"Well it was down to either me or Michelle," laughs Maggie, "but I don't feel so bad because you know what, Michelle is an Oscar-nominated actress and I a way...the audition allowed me to realise where I stood as an actress. I mean, I was the second choice after all and Michelle is an amazing actress. She's so talented I could die."

Well said, as the "Deception" director and producers must have seen enough dramatic talent in Maggie to call up her agent and ask for Maggie's participation despite her missed opportunity in the starring role.

"Marcel called and said, 'We have to have Maggie in this film' and I felt so happy -so honored. Originally, I was only meant to film 'Live Free or Die Hard' and that was all. But being able to take part in a film with Hugh and Ewan? I was over the moon!"

Following "Deception" is a role alongside Ethan Hawke in a segment of "New York, I Love You". The plot of her short story as well as her role is to be kept top secret. At least for now.

"I can't say. It's too early. But I can tell you that my character is very intriguing and I'm so glad to star in a movie that isn't action," she smiles.
"I mean I love action, it's my first love. But I don't want to be pigeonholed as the stereotypical Asian action girl. With my role in "Deception"...I know it's a small one, but I was able to show my skills beyond action. I know I can prove that I can be the driving force of a film. I have the acting capabilities."

And with confidence like Maggie's, it's crystal clear where she'll be heading. Up, up and away.

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* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) michelle i never really liked her much & never saw how great she was..all i can remember of her is the lil'b*tch on dawson's creek that caused trouble for dawson & joey in the beginning now she's iight i guess.
Well at least Maggie is still in the movie.

* ) If she's comparing herself to Michelle Williams, she has some things coming to her. I don't think her acting skill is anywhere near Michelle's skills, she just sounds really really arrogant here.

* ) er..maggie q has a 6 finger forehead and looks really bad in that lingerie..i dont want to be mean but why would anyone pick that..its so gross
anyways shes not a very good actress..and the line: she's so talented i could die..
erm..ok..shes not that talented but yeah

* ) Maggie is indeed hot there is no question about that but like most people have mentioned, she seems quite arrogant. I guess you got to have an attitude if you went out with Edison.

* ) Hmm I looking at several pictures from the movie and also past pictures..I don't think Maggie is all that "hot!" She is pretty but compare to other Asian actress she is not all that great. I think she look really old especially in recent pictures and very dry. Most of the Asian tend to have this refreshing feeling/look about them which I think make them special as compare to other Caucasian actress. Even Shu Qui look fresh and alluring even though she have a sexy image!

As for acting.....two thumps down!!! In most of the movies I seen of her, she doesn't have any emotion on her face. She always seem to give off that squinty, bedroom eye look even when the scene don't require one.

It great that she is getting role in Hollywood but I think there are better Asian actress out there who can do so much better acting and look.

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