Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hacken Lee Planning For New Concert

Jan Lamb (林海峰), Hacken Lee (李克勤) and Sandra Ng (吳君如) attended the launch of a new CRHK children's radio show <為小晴朗一天出發> today.

Hacken will be singing the themesong for the show and was named as the ambassador for the show, whilst Sandra was appointed as the show's "mother". The three celebrity parents joined some young guests at the event and also shared stories about their own experiences with their children.

Jan has also designed a mascot for the show in the form of Little Chick (小雞仔). He said that the inspiration for the figure with a pointy beak came from a picture that his own daughter had drawn. He laughed that his daughter has reached the age where she has started to ask some awkward questions, such as "how do you kiss mummy?". Jan revealed that he deals with it by sending her back to seleep.

Sandra is currently looking for a good school to send her daughter to and as a result, many people have asked her for advice on which is a good school. She laughed that this has made her realise the effect that celebrities can have on people.

A magazine recently published a photograph of Sandra with her family, but she had covered her daughter's face with her hand to protect her identity. She laughed that when she was covering her daughter's face, the little girl kept asking what the matter was. She said proudly that her daughter is extremely intelligent.

Hacken was asked about recent reports suggesting that he was among the stars who have already booked in for concerts at the Coliseum following its refurbishment, planned for next year. He admitted that they have applied for some dates next year, just after the re-fit around Chinese New Year. He explained that after Alan Tam (譚詠麟) appeared as a guest at his concert, the producers had suggested another round of Left Alan Right Hacken <左麟右李> concerts. Hacken recalled fondly that they had shared some very happy times during the tour, when they performed nearly 100 shows together.


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* ) Yays, Hacken Lee is having an concert in 2009, i want to see it!

* ) Wow! A new show for childrens, I love this. Hope I have a chance to listen to this. Jan is so funny... All the actors and actress is having children now. .. Man I am getting old.

* ) 左麟右李 is nice lo..wish so, they will held is again in future...

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