Sunday, April 27, 2008

”Super Trio Supreme” lost many Viewers

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Hong Kong

Eric Tsang hosted “Super Trio Wonder Trip” and the first episode received 54 complaints and the second episode had 22 complaints. On March 23, the third episode received nine new complaints including six complaints sent to the broadcasting authority and three sent to TVB. The complaints mainly state that the games such as removing nose hair, 夾衫夾, and 彈乒乓波 promote violence, cruelty, and dangerous behaviors. It also makes people uneasy and affects the children which make it unsuitable to be broadcasted in the current time slot. The average ratings were 26 points for the third episode. It lost five points since the second episode which translate to 315000 less viewers.

Last night, Eric filmed a new episode for “Super Trio Supreme”. The guests were Freeze, Elanne Kwong, Ken Wong, I Love You Boyz, Fama and others. Freeze, “The Sexy Trio” aka “Plastic Surgery Beauties/Trio”, was the target of pranks and jokes. They were made fun of for their “fake large breasts”. They didn’t mind the jokes. During the game 大咕窿, Freeze revealed their white bikini and gave the audience some eye candy. They were pushed into the water by Eric. Ken was given some special treatment because he was able to hug and kiss the members of Freeze. He was very lucky with the ladies.

Ken had to carry all three members of Freeze using his body. He kissed Alley Chan and Carisa Yan. They joked: “You’re getting these benefits since you are one of us!” Ken said: “Real good recommendations but my legs are sore!” Ka-Lok Chin said: “My eyes are also sore!” Elanne let go her image as a singer and was absorbed in the game play.

Freeze said that they didn’t feel like they were targeted. They said that Eric was being gentle with them. As for the “fake big breasts” comment, Alley and Suki Shek had a relatively immense reaction. They said: “It’s real! But it was most important that everyone had a good time. Don’t mind it. We were ready to risk everything since the first day.” Ken replied to comments that he was lucky with the ladies and said: “Guess so! I didn’t bribe the host. They are good friends and brothers. I’ll remember them for the rest of my life.”

credits: asian-gossip.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Such Sulks

What ever happens, I'm still gonna watch it!

You have my support!

* ) -.- prob freeze's apperanace that made them lose the audience

* ) lol HK people are so stubburn , i mean its just a show, not like its gunna teach little kids to pull nose hair and carry chicks with their bodies, i mean if u dont like it , just turn it off,
these peoeple are just bored and have nothing to do so they want to be faggets.

* ) God why does HK people have to make such a big fuss about everything? ITS JUST A GAME SHOW, damn..... im still going to watch it Rawr!

* ) I'm actually not surprised...
From watchin the first 3 eps explorin games (whatever they called it)
So mo liew...

Can't compare it to the old series, plus they dun have the other guy in it

* ) lol i bet it was most of the females that complained, i mean What Man would complain about this kinda (freeze) group, they can sing , they can dance and they're hot ^^
lol females are so 無聊 to complain bout this

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