Sunday, April 27, 2008

Replies From Super Junior To ELF

You can't please everyone all the time, but when you're a famous pop star carrying all sorts of cuteness, you can give it your best shot. Super Junior is a case in point. Super Junior members are now becoming well-known in Asia. Fame hasn't changed their down to earth attitudes. Performing the music they enjoy, you'll find them more interesting everytime they reveal their thoughts.

Super Junior's Official Fan Club, ELF members found a way to communicate with the boys directly.

UFO Town is a site where fans can send messages to their favorite artists (only listed artists in the site) via Korean hand phone or directly to that site by having a Korean ID and buying some coins in order to send messages. Among the highlights of UFO is that Super Junior sends their replies immediately. Yes, all the replies are from Super Junior.

Now that the secret is out, ELF are sending in their messages as often as they like, with a record number of sweet messages and sweet replies from Super Junior featured this month.

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* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) haha how does that work? How would they be able to respond to each one of them immediately? They wouldnt be on their laptops 24/7. And even if it all goes to their phones via text msgs it would get annoying wouldnt it? And all of them have so many fans. Few hundred of them probably send texts to them at once. lol

* ) Oh geez this isn't even worth news. >.> UFO Town has been around forever, and it's only for those in Korea with a Korean SSN. This isn't news.

* ) Yeah, I heard Kyuhyun and Heechul reply most on UFO but then again I could be wrong. xP
I think it's sweet of them to reply as soon as they can to all their fan messages. ^-^<3

* ) woot kyuhyun's on top lmao.gif

errr will suju even have time to reply to each and every msg? i know i dont get alot everyday but sometimes i dont even bother replying them haha. but yeah, wouldnt that a very huge disturb in there lives? coz imagine having to be awake all the time to try and reply smses...

but awww i wanna send a msg to kyuhyun and get a reply too down.gif haha what a hypocrite i am

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