Sunday, April 27, 2008

Private Jay Chou MV at Zhong Huan street in the night

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Recently Jay Chou secretly came to Hong Kong, yesterday morning he brought out his sports car "Pagani Zonda C12" that is worth millions to Zhong Huan to film an MV, he borrowed Andrew Lau's staff members to do the filming. In the middle of the filming, the team were suddenly interrupted by a foreigner swearing at them, afterwards even police had to come to see what was going on.

Taiwanese heavenly king Jay Chou yesterday morning at 1am filmed his MV at Zhong Huan, he brought along his sports car "Pagani Zonda C12" worth millions to be the backdrop to the MV. After Jay Chou arrived at the set, he nervously looked around the place, he also frequently ordered the staff around, like how to place things to film, he was exactly like a director.

That night Jay Chou wore hip hop clothes and a leather jacket, he danced in front of the sports car while a staff member constantly sprayed water out of a hose to create the effect of raining. After each scene was finished, Jay Chou watched the playback straight away, he carefully talked about it with the cameraman, he had a very serious attitude.

While they were filming, a half naked male foreigner suddenly appeared in a building near the venue, he opened his window, look down at the street and yelled: "Get the light off!" Then he swore in bad Cantonese: "X your mother!" But, the professional Jay Chou did not take notice and continued to film. At the end a few policemen came, they asked the staff members what was going on. Until 4 in the morning, Jay Chou finished filming and returned to rest at the hotel in a 7 seat car.

Yesterday reporters called Jay Chou's company to find out what was happening, when asked if Jay Chou came to Hong Kong to film an MV? The staff member expressed: "Jay is doing a project, he can only announce it in a couple of months time, I can't reveal it right now."

Andrew Lau was asked if he was the director of the MV? He said: "No, I only lent my team to him, I just finished lunch with Shawn Yue so we went to visit him together! (Did you give Jay any opinions?) I couldn't be bothered to talk, it's enough for friends to sit there in support, he can film it however he wants, but it's quite hard to endure it! (There was a foreigner shouting?) I don't know what he was doing, actually it was very quiet then, maybe he had something to drink and that's why he was noisy?

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* ) gosh their filming and lightings and noise cld have disturb peeps sleeping or etc....

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