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Super Junior [슈퍼주니어]

Super Juniors made up of 13 members

SJ {When they were a 12 member group} Debuted with song "Twins"
Kyu Hyun debuted with SJ as 13th member with the song "U"

Member Profiles:

Name: Park Jung Su
Stage Name: Ee Teuk or Lee Teuk
DOB: 01.07.83

Name: Kim Hee Chul
Stage Name: Hee Chul
DOB: 10.07.83

Name: Han Geng
Stage Name: Han Kyung
DOB: 04.02.84

Name: Kim Jong Oon
Stage Name: Yeh Sung
DOB: 24.08.84

Name: Kim Young Oon
Stage Name: Kang In
DOB: 17.01.85

Name: Shin Dong Hee
Stage Name: Shin Dong
DOB: 28.09.85

Name: Lee Sung Min
Stage Name: Sung Min
DOB: 01.0186

Name: Lee Hyuk Jae
Stage Name: Eun Hyuk
DOB: 04.04.86

Name: Lee Dong Hae
Stage Name: Dong Hae
DOB: 15.10.86

Name: Choi Shi Won
Stage Name: Shi Won
DOB: 10.02.87

Name: Kim Ryeo Wook
Stage Name: Ryeo Wook
DOB: 21.07.87

Name: Kim Ki Bum
Stage Name: Ki Bum
DOB: 21.08.87

Name: Jo Kyu Hyun
Stage Name: Kyu Hyun
DOB: 03.02.88

Vol.1 Super Junior 05

Korean Singles:
1st Single: U

Featured In:
2005 - Show Me Your Love [With TVXQ] {2 Tracks}
2006 - SM Town Smmer Album 2006 {3 Tracks}

TV Related
{TV Shows which they are mainly featured in}

Super Junior Show
Super Junior Full House
Super Adonis Camp

SJ have had 2 baby groups formed from the main mother group. They are:

K.R.Y - (Consisting of)
Kyu Hyun - Ryeo Wook - Yeh Sung

SJ T - (Consisting of)
Hee Chul - Ee Teuk - Sung Min - Kang In - Hyuk Jae - Shin Dong

--------------------------------- User Review ----------------------------------

* really? i watched the MV over 384343445 times but still don't see him in it lol... but i think i saw a flash of him at the very beginning where they show han kyung in the middle lol. he must've been thinner back then..

my friend's favourite is han kyung. he's kinda cute in a puppy dog sort of way lol... ki bum is babyishly cute. kang in has pretty shiny eyes, hee chul is pretty with a sort of intense look in his eyes, lol i used to find him scary looking.

ahah i still can't make out the others and tell them apart, the ones i recognise are:

shi won
eun hyuk
dong hae
han kyung
ki bum
hee chul
shindong (weird that i couldn't see him in the twins mv, i thought i'd be able to spot him since he's pretty big)
Ee Teuk (recognise him but dunno his name until i saw the pic on the first post lol)

hehe im getting there lol

this one is pretty cute when ki bum calls dong hae ugly lol

* lmao... come to think of it, yeh, sungmin is probably the cutest, personality-wise... he acts so innocently and cries like a girl LOL. I couldn't stop laughing at the way he cries...I'm so evil, lol... Is it me or is Sungmin chubby now compared to how he looked when Suju first debuted with 'Twins/Knokckout?' He's better chubby tho.

Anyway, I thought I'd post up some news:

No More Suju's Explore The Human Body, Monday February 11, 2008

SBS decided to end EHB because SuJu decided to leave the show due to their busy schedules in preparation for their upcoming tour. An SBS rep said that if things can be worked out, they might be able to do EHB season 2 later on.

In EHB’s place, they decided to put Lee Hyori’s pilot “Change.”

translated by: damifino @ Soompi

* I Love Superjunior!!!! They Rock. If Any Of You Have Time You Guys Should Youtube. "human Explaoration Of The Body" Superjunior Hosts This And Its About Discovering Things Abut Your Body Its Really Interesting And Funni! You'l Learn Alot Trust Me And Also U'll Get A Stomache Ache From Laughing At Their Cuteness!!

* Super Junior totally rocks. They officially added a new subgroup, Super Junior M.
Members include Hangeng, Donghae, Siwon, Ryowook, KyuHyun, and new members Henry and ZhuMi.

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