Monday, May 19, 2008

$6,800,000 By Han Geng

Ever since the earthquake took place in China, Han Geng had repeatedly told the Chinese media he would like to help the victims but it wasn't until yesterday that he was able to actually help.

Hangeng, together with the eyedrops company that he’s endorsing, donated $6,800,000, that means that he didn’t donate $6,800,000 by himself, but I’m sure he put a fair amount in, in fact, he probably just told the company to donate all his pay (just a guess). Even the more famous Chinese celebrities only donated $150,000yuan, so for Hangeng (who’s still a newbie, and Suju don’t make that much) to donate (together with the company) $6,800,000.

He is also taking the Super Junior M Boys to donate blood as a second effort to help.

wow. he just leaped up in my book.

source: Baidu
translations: imop

* eSeong Network User ReviewS *

* ) I really idolize this guy!

Even if he is a famous person now... he is still very down to earth.... He is that kind of person who still looks back to where he belong... Ready to help when someone is in need.....

I wish him all the best... You are certainly a role model...

* ) I really love HanGeng even more now. He really has such a caring and loving heart. Even in his most busiest of times, he put forth money and time to go donate blood. HanGeng, you're the best.

* ) I think its really generous of Han Kyung to donates
even thought he isn't donating just by himself, but
its the thoughts that counts. At least he got the company
to donate with him. Instead of saying that the company
had pay for his part of donation, we should thank them.
And i'm sure he paid part of it too.
Han Kyung Fighting!!! Super Junior Fighting!! Super Junior M Fighting!!
I'll always love and support u all forever!!

Love Always,

* ) Han kyung is defenetely a good guy. Even thugh he didnt donate much, but as long as he have the heart to help them its ok.

More over , suju got too many member and due to his visa problem which i dono they settle it ady anot, i blv he didnt earn as much as other member... Mayb he earn a lot in China, but i'm nt sure. hahaha.. Happy to noe dat suju M is gonna help too. They shud because after all, henry and zou mi is chinese.

* ) waa super boy!!! its
nice he is so good boy and do that
sweet and a heart is big ^^
porud of haneng

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