Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Andy initiates a relationship

The spotlight fell on Solbi as she expressed her liking for Andy (again).

On the 6th May episode of KBS2 “Sang Sang Plus Season 2″, Shinhwa members Kim Dongwan and Junjin appeared as guests, and mischievously asked MC Solbi, “If Andy initiates a relationship, would you agree?”

Solbi’s answer was a clear “Yes”.

She added, “Andy’s private life needs to be protected”. When asked why she likes Andy, she replied “I like guys with nice butts, Andy has a nice butt.”

When she was asked if she meets up with Andy outside of work, she confessed that “We really don’t. Andy’s actually more of a loner than I imagined.”

With regards to phone calls, she said, “There was once when I called him after his work was done to tell him ‘Oppa, you’ve been working really hard’.”

Rounding off the topic, Solbi said “Andy’s the perfect husband to any girl.”

Solbi and Andy are currently appearing on MBC’s We Got Married as a newly wedded couple, and their natural behaviour as a couple has become a hot topic as viewers continue to speculate if they are really an item.

Source: OSEN
Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Solbi and Andy are so cute together on we are married...wish they were a!

* ) I think it's quite unfair that Solbi is the only one professing her true feelings towards Andy..... I admit they really look like a real couple while they are together.... But Why does it show as only a one sided love???? Maybe andy still didn't realiza what Solbi is really in his life.. I hope that he can understand what Solbi really is in his life before it's too late...

* ) All I know is that I am really happy I decided to give this show a chance because I literally became a Solbi fan & I love her. I love her straight-forward-ness. Not all Korean stars are like that (just the American Korean ones) but Solbi is different she's very straight-forward & speaks her mind & I love that personality of her.
So if they don't end up dating in real life I'll be bummed because i think they match perfectly but I'll still support both of them.....
If they do date in real life of course as a fan of them I'll be thrilled....

(yes, I'm hoping for real life romance)

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