Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Edison Will Return to Hong Kong

Allegedly, the male lead of the celebrity nude picture scandal, Edison Chan has become a Christian after the scandal. Yesterday, Edison’s sister Tricia attended the “新地孝子孝女共迎母親節 (Good Sons & Daughter for Mother’s Day)” function at the Tai Po Mega Mall. She responded to the questions about Edison’s new found faith and confirmed that the Edison and the rest of the family became Christians. The new faith made the family happier and their thoughts became more positive and correct. They believe that the incident happened for a reason and the future will be better. Tricia said: “After the incident occurred, Edison was very unhappy. He lost a lot of weight and appeared to be 10 years older. Lately, my mother and I saw him. He is eating better and running for exercise. He is healthy and returning to normal. He became more constructive and enthusiastic. He is very busy in the US with his meeting, casting and signed with William Morris management.”

Why did Edison start to believe in God? Tricia said: “Edison attended a Christian school when he was young. After the scandal, he found strength in his daily prayers. I started to believe in God about two months ago. Believing in God doesn’t make you perfect but you would slowly become a better person. (“Is Edison repenting?”) I don’t know but I know he is more peaceful.”

She revealed that there is no change in Edison and Vincy’s relationship. Vincy and her family are supportive of Edison. Their mother didn’t know what to do and became delusional after the scandal broke. But she is well now. Is Edison going to return to Hong Kong soon? Tricia said that he would return if he needs to appear in court. Their mother’s birthday is May 11th which is also Mother’s day. Their mother is in Hong Kong right now so she would not go to Canada for celebrations.

source: mingpao
Translations: asian gossip

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* ) feel kinda bad for edison..but I am glad that he has found fate in God, and hoepfully can have a fresh start...

* ) I hope Christianity or any other religion he turns to in the future changes him for the better. He deserved what he did for messing up those girls' lives. China is not America. China is very conservative and him trying to pull off a Paris Hilton stunt so he can boost his status in the entertainment industry is beyond moral. I hope Edison is repenting what he did.

* ) the last time i heard a rapper - Mase - (a real rapper not wannabe like edc) say he found God, it was rumored he was gay.. lolz.

anyways there's a discriminating factor of assuming coz a person is christian, they're morally good, religion doesn't make the person, and it seems the more preaching the more hypocrisy, i.e., catholic priests raping boys, etc.

in his last interview he sounded cocky. hope he knows that in the US he won't go far with that sh*t

* ) LOL I laugh at Edison having the weakness to fall into religion so easily because of his own mistakes.

This is one way for him to let the guilt bleed out without actually feeling like he is 100% responsible. Christians in China really make me laugh. Yeah go ahead complain about me I don't care this is my opinion so go pray to your god that I will have forgiveness or something.

* ) i still dont get it why are there still people like u would think that kira could be edison. =.= his career was pretty successful before the scandal broke, his company and many upcoming movies/concert that he had planned. do u think he would even release his own sex pic just to break into hollywood? why would he release his own current gf nude pic for? think man! look at him now, he has to hide and also was threatened to be killed.i think only people with ur mentality would release their own nude pics to gain fame.

for your information, watever u have deleted from ur computer can be retrieved even after 10 years later. IF such thing happened to you i guess you would have no one to seek for help besides God. so i dont see what is wrong with that? why are u being so negative about people turning better?

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