Sunday, May 11, 2008

Boa's Hair changed

To all those people a.k.a boa fans said that she really did cut her hair…..well people here is proof that your sweet, innocent, angel Boa tricked you. kiddies. Boa showed up on MUSIC STATION May 9 sporting long, brownish orange, weavy and also dry looking locks….

Also, we did not see her supposed broken leg she mentioned before.


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* ) It could be extensions but it doesn't look like extensions to me.
Her roots are black and the rest of the hair is brownish, and you don't really see a place where the hair looks like extensions.

But with makeup skills these days, we never know.
All I think is that it's probably real hair.

* ) Like I was trying to tell everyone last time that she signed a contract with a hair product company in Japan beginning of this year, so there is no way they'll let her cut her hair. Boa had many time in the past were short hair wig. Take her Moto MV for an example. I love extension and had put it on myself and others many time. This is not any extension at all. Her hair do looked to be a bit damaged. She really needs to stay away from hair dye product for a while. For those of you who do not believe that she didn't cut her hair, think what you want to think. The truth is right in front of your eyes.

* ) What's with this it wrong to wear a wig instead of cutting your hair for real? Tons of stars does it anyway..Well, I guess to me, it doesn't matter if she did cut her hair or not..

Her broken leg doesn't have to be so bad that she can't walk right? It oculd of just been injured and other news articles exaggerates it..

I who knows..?

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