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"Ginger Buns" given to Qiao En

Ethan's first time of making "Ginger Buns" given to Qiao En
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Following the dog "Ji Bao Bei" in idol drama "Fated to Love You" causing a huge stir, this time round, the "Ginger Bun" that will be shown this week is also causing a huge round of discussion among the netizens. Some viewers even go online to auction "Ginger Bun specially for Pregnant Lady" and expressed that after eating it, you will receive the blessing of Jiang Wang Ye(God Jiang) , claps hands together, and there will be special delivery by "storks". Ethan laughed and said that "The netizens have great imagination. It's really great."

In the drama, Ji Cun Xi wanted to help Chen Xin Yi celebrate her birthday and smashed down 2 million on buying the boat "Ji Nian Pin Hao" so that he can get her the ginger bun on Jiang Mu Island before 12. However, the grandma that makes the "Ginger Bun"'s arthritis was starting up and she was unable to make them that day. The caring Cun Xi had to do it by himself. The act made Xin Yi very touched. The two of them got even closer due to the ginger buns.
Outside the drama, the ginger buns are very popular too. A netizen even auctioned a "Ginger Bun" at 999999999 dollar and uploaded a photo where "Jiang Wang Ye" supposingly showed himself. He emphasised that "Each ginger bun was personally brought by God Jiang (Claps hands together) into this world." After Chen Qiao En saw that, she laughed and said "Gosh! This is really amusing! Maybe they can really be sold as mechandise!"

When filming this scene, Ethan Ruan gave his "first time" to Qiao En yet again. He had to make the "ginger buns" personally and when filming, the flour was flying everwhere, causing his face and clothes to be covered with flour. Ethan said "Making the buns looked simple but in reality, it's very hard." Regarding acting with Wu Lai Ma Wu Min Auntie(the actress of the bun shop owner) Ethan commented that "I grew up watching her shows. She's a life figure representing the Entertainment Industry." Qiao En also added that "Filming "Fated to Love You", we work with a lot of veteran actors and musical drama actors like Mei Xiu Jie(Acting as Xin Yi's mom), Na Ge(Acting as Anson), Ai Zhen Jie (Acting as Cun Xi's grandma) etc. It's really very great. Everyday, when filming, we'll be laughing nonstop." As Ethan had never made buns before, the scene could be said to have flour flying all over the place that day and Ethan laughed and said "It looks simple but it isn't. After working on it for half the day, it just looks like a rising mountain."

In the drama, she got touched when Ji Cun Xi made her the ginger buns. Outside the drama, Qiao En has an unforgettable experience of her Dad making her dishes. "Because of my work, I couldn't return home for a very long time; There was one time when I returned, Dad got up very early in the morning and cooked 12 dishes consisting of stuff like spiced pig's tongue so that I can have them before I rush back to Taipei for filming. I was really touched. I don't think I will ever be able to forget that.

I directly translated "Jiang Jun Bao" into "Ginger Buns"

Anyway, seems like a really funny scene this week.
FTLY really has a lot of hilarious scenes. They do it such that the hilarious scenes make you feel so sweet and touched too.

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* ) I love this! FTLY is always filled with such interesting scenes-- the scriptwriters are indeed very creative. Can't wait to see the episode! The previews are very promising.

* ) Aw, I can't wait for this episode to air! FTLY is so sweet and funny, I love it! Ethan and QE are very cute together smile.gif Can't wait for the ginger buns scene!

* ) i am so excited to see the sweetness of CX and Xy while making the ginger buns..
haha most of all.. the kiss!

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