Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ethan Ruan kisses Chen Qiao En

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In “Fated To Love You,” Ethan Ruan kisses the crying Chen Qiao En? Laughing Ethan Ruan says, “After filming the bed scene, the two of us are no longer embarrassed, we’re easily loose, and don’t need to drink red wine to calm ourselves. Filming a kissing scene/drama is now very natural for us.” However, over three hours, Chen Qiao En cried until her eyes were swollen. She says, “Because there are two pages of crying scenes in the script, for the sake of keeping the right mood, I cried it all out.”

Because the two had a bed scene earlier, filming the kissing scene isn’t a problem. It goes really smoothly. Ethan Ruan says, “Before, we had to rely on the wine to boost our courage, but now, we don’t need it.” However, because there are two pages of crying, Chen Qiao En has a harder time, crying over three hours, eyes cried until they were swollen. She says, “Because it’s the very first thing we film in the morning, I have to store all my feelings from crying inside, but waiting until it was time was too late, it all came out. Xiao Tian is hugging me as I cry.” She laughed and said, “if I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have to store all my feelings inside!”

During filming session would be Mother’s Day, Ethan Ruan says, “Because there are certain filming days that must be filmed on a holiday, there’s no way we can take off, we just have to wait until we have time to go home and spend time with Mama.” But Chen Qiao En got one day off, she especially went back to Hsinchu to spend time with her mother to spend Mother’s Day with her. She says, “Today, other than giving Mom a red envelope, wristwatch, we will also go window shopping, whatever mom wants, I get it for her.”

* eSeong Network USer Reviews *

* ) wow crying for so long? It must be very difficult for Qiao En.

* ) I remember watching the bts scene of the above picture and her puffy, visible red-rimmed circle on her eyes was an obvious evident of how much crying she did for the shooting. In fact, her voice was another testament of how much effort she put in for the crying scene. thumbsup.gif Both of them are exuding chemistry as shooting progresses and can’t wait for today’s episode.

* ) wow...they seem pretty cute together ..i only saw the first episode of this was alright..wonder if its good.. anyone?

* ) I'll say give it another shot.
It's good. Really good.

The kiss looks so sweet from all the pictures. Even better in the video.
Can't wait for tonight!
Can't believe that Qiao En had to cry so much. Crying so much can hurt your body I think...

Anyway, good that she gets to go back home to accompany her mother on Mothers Day

* ) btw PHAMIEO give it a try...FTLY is awesome lol a bias fan telling u to watch here...but really havent watched such agood and interesting drama in a while kekeke this is a thumbs up drama

Qiao en and Xiao tian is awesome!

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