Monday, May 26, 2008

Bosco said Wuzhuo Xi stealth Regal

Huang Zongze (Bosco) is also eager to contribute to disaster relief, but there may not be able to take time series participation. Bosco said on television that rescue work was moved to cry himself out, he said: "the worst is already rescued the people transported to hospital where he died after the rescue, to see very heart Yi."

Xi mentioned Wuzhuo Alleged "fresh soft rice" of, Bosco laughs: "He is very wealthy, TVB is the stealth Regal, he do not have fresh soft rice, but with great potential Shifan I can ask."

Enna official said yet whether it will attend the scheduled June Held on the 1st of large-scale relief activities, but has cancelled her recent private appointments, she said: "Many friends of the birthday party is cancelled, no mood to celebrate their own."

Asked her boyfriend Wuzhuo Xi alleged sex scandal "Fresh Soft rice ", that is, she said:" The Disaster Relief not to speak of these bar, first concern of state affairs, as the Chinese people should be blood is thicker than water, called for more people to support the victims. "

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