Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cyndi Wang to practise her biceps

SETTV's idol drama, 「我愛珊寶妹」"I Love Shan Bao Mei" once again unites onscreen couple, Nicholas Teo and Cyndi Wang. However, the show's female lead, "Shan Bao Mei" is required to act weird to the extreme and thus, rumour goes that other than Cyndi Wang on the pocket list, Joe Chen Qiao En is also another choice for the role.

SETTV's idol drama supervisor, Chen Yu Shan expresses the female lead is strange to a high degree and portrays a person who looks ordinary but she is also a girl with biceps. Her behavior is frequently laughed at by knowledgeable people. The male lead is confirmed to be Nicholas Teo

As for the girl's side, Cyndi Wang has received the script on the day before yesterday. Since she is a jade girl, it is unknown yet whether she's willing to act weird together with practising her arm. However, Chen Yu Shan expresses that biceps cannot be trained within a short period of time and so will boost the appearance using makeup techniques.

Apart from Cyndi Wang being determined for the lead, Chen Qiao En who has ever worked on comical performances recently was rumoured to be another pocket candidate.

Translator's Note: I have not translated the first half of this article title due to uncertainty of its meaning. But from what I understand it has to do with the drama's female lead - Shan Bao Mei acting in a kind of way. I'm not sure what it is. Sorry about that.


* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I actually hope that cyndi and nic can collaborate again.. and qiaoen would be a good choice for the role.. but I would like cyndi with nic..

* ) I want it to be Cyndi and Nic, tooooooooo! I'll be so sad if I don't get to see them in another drama together!!!! They have such chemistry~! ^____________^

* ) Ahh oh my gosh, I'm so excited! I REALLY want to see Nic & Cyndi collaborate again, but this may be yet another great opportunity for QiaoEn after Fated To Love You. But I do have mixed-feelings about QiaoEn taking up this role.

* ) Ah, don't care who the female lead is, I just wanna watch Nic act again!!! Love his eyes, and it wud be good if Qian En has a go since I'm not too in favor for Cyndi's acting... Can't wait...

* ) Cool, I liked their chemistry in Smiling Pasta. Although, I hope that the plotline for the new drama is a bit more original than Smiling Pasta.

* ) I wouldn't mind watching Cyndi in that role, since I really love her partnered with Nicholas in Smile Pasta. Can't wait for this drama... I hoped it was confirmed that Cyndi and Nicholas will collaborate in this one...

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