Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jiaying and Xinger dance to spark "love to death?"

Jiaying with Xinger sparks really love to dance, Xianzhi a miracle

Hu Zheng Jiaying and Xinger in the second quarter, "Galloping miracle" partners in the competition, although they have already accepted the other half, but this time with Jiaying Xingerxiaoyan partners, into love him, even openly praised Jia Ying Huang Zongze than Liangzi. Jiaying and also Xiaoyan and Xinger dance that moment, really love her love Roujin well.

"Galloping miracle" and "dancing stars" selection (Hong Kong) yesterday at the Plaza Hollywood, who participated in the second quarter, "Galloping miracle" of the artistes Zheng Jiaying, Hu Xinger, Tang Ying-ying, Wu Ting-yan, Ma Ming , Wang Xin and Zheng Guo Che-hung has attended. Zhou Zhikun teachers and more people jump-Cha Cha.

Liangzi than Zongze

Hu Xinger today have returned to Hunan to competition, she said she did not know how to dance from the original, and now it is Skip to the satisfaction. Asked her fear will be eliminated? » Xinger that will not be frightened, at least 200 million people have now seen this program, she fell in love with the dance now also refers to the. She asked to have fallen in love with running mate Zheng Jiaying? » Xinger says with a laugh: "jump the love of a good time, only the second jump of more sad dance, I Lan Jiayinglanzhu I have to face distorted, so too have his own input on Zo who like Link. I He is not linked to my Link vigorously, Jing Yan Jiemao all-out false. "Xinger asked whether the good love Jiaying» She says with a laugh: "Love to death, the Drainage and Liangzi." Huang Zongze Liangzi or she think? Zheng Jiaying Liangzi » Xinger has said: "The stems of Jiaying! Drainage an electric eye, drainage, depends entirely on the audience to have high Link."

Put a lot of feelings

Zheng Jiaying also refers to dance love Xinger, after Tiaowan will stop, he said that each dance will take a lot of feelings, coupled with dance, jump Dier Ji said Xinger is dead, so special Roujin , That moment is really good love her, full input. He Xiaoyan the next few months will continue to love her, because we have to make co-operation "Agni ambition," he says with a laugh: "Ah Bian time (referring to Huang Zongze) Do not Xiacu heard, but I Mao of stress-ah." Reporters asked him laugh the other half will not Xiacu? » Jiaying that he is, well clear.

In addition, Jiaying said this dance, most parents are happy because they are dance-man, my father had more Luo Award. Before parents why he did not want to be genetic, some Zailian later he will meet grandmother to dance. She asked not to find the dance? Mummy » He says with a laugh: "She died so stimulated. (Mummy what reviews») microphone so I really Genetic Wudao La! See me but she is happy with progress. "He added that Mummy see him have to worry about injuries His shoulders, Xitou and have injured the wrist, but in fact other people are the same injury.

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