Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yuan Ming Mi-naked to protest Bo

Words and deeds have been out-of-site of the Yuan Ming, naked protest yesterday, and this is the "driving force of 107 groups" outside the headquarters of the members of the Government initiated the procession, full indemnity Yuan Ming banners to cover up the body. The naked protest, is the implication of competition law is like "the emperor's new clothes", the only exemption from the public sector and government departments, the public can not be helped.

Yuan Ming-site refers to the spontaneous help, because she is a free market supporters. She feels that certain government policies of monopoly issues, such as some wealthy people want to do television, but now only wireless and ATV, the Government should be more of the licence. Does she feel that they are also victims? » Yuan Ming-site that can not be said, she felt that wireless is just one issue, if more licences can be issued, the audience is the ultimate beneficiary.

"Dark-inch" Miss Le no memory

She also will feel that they are trouble-makers? » Yuan stressed that the site is only concerned themselves only, she also clarified this is not self-publicity. Earlier she reprimanded her 80,000 yuan owed to the wireless activities, now that she has received, though late in 2001, but since has Shouliao Qian, want to Xishiningren. Turning to wireless high-level Lok Yi-ling, that she did not know, Yuan and Ming-site "covert-inch" refers not aware of the matter, also said that his brain more Shibu essence, we do not want to memory so quickly recession. Reporter asked whether she was referring to Miss Le » She said only afraid of their own easy to forget, I would like to thank Miss Le remind her to water more in essence.

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