Tuesday, May 13, 2008

" Kelly Chen " seven million modeling

Kelly concert for the design Muui

Kelly Chen (Kelly) concert enthusiastic response, coupled with a June 7, 8 two, a total of eight tickets on sale today. Organizers consider the students in mid-June is very examination period, particularly in the Tuen Ng Festival holiday then an additional two to the benefit of all the young fans. By the beginning of last month, Kelly Chen seven days a week are actively Renowned in the best condition to show people. However, apart from Renowned outside, Kelly every two days to try to concert clothing body. Kelly said: "As this mainly to dance, many of the songs clothing design are relatively close, so almost daily to try to personally body, and then immediately cut repair, and dance moves will be great, if not fit, it will be very Zouguang easy. "

The concert's clothing by the Xi Zhongwen responsible for the design, he said: "start from the previous year has begun the design of the clothes, gorgeous Muui Peichen classic slow song of course, and appointed, this will create for Kelly Yao Ye, Grid-side, to the audience bring more fresh. "Kelly this time at least there will be seven different shape, with 40 dancers coming out with every part, the need to produce close to 300 sets of clothing, now the whole Factory workers are trying to drive alone, the cost of clothing certainly over 1 million.

In addition, Kelly To coincide with the concert, is introducing a new album in Guangdong. Kelly disc, there will be a number of modeling, a favorite of Kelly to form mainly of black and white photos, she was wearing a Dolce & Gabbana black dot dress, wearing a Harvey Nichols butterfly hat, covered her eyes, a little mystery . All staff feel that this photo is of Georgia, but we are worried that the public can not be accepted, so the final shape as this only on the inside pages, not a album cover or posters.

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