Monday, June 02, 2008

Guangdong and Hong Kong Hung-ling show

ATV held the night before last in the Taiwan "China Come on! Guangdong and Hong Kong Hung-ling show, "to raise funds for earthquake victims in Sichuan.

Hung-ling, including new performance sword Lang, Lee, the text of Chitose, Chen Sheng, Wang Chao-chun, Lu Haipeng, and so on Qingli in the program performed. At the same time the new sword in conjunction with the Zhengqi Tai Lang, Fan Yimin from Guangdong Television Station and Wu Yan as chair.

New Lang also take the lead performances by the sword, "Calgary - Cities" and sent for "Han Gong Qiuyue." 8 Hall and Chairman Wang Mingquan and female red line has not yet present, but also filming segments to appeal.

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