Monday, May 19, 2008

Who's on Facebook? Jessica Hsuan!

Who knew Jessica Hsuan was addicted to Facebook? We nabbed an interview with the Hong Kong star when she was in town to film the latest season of Parental Guidance.

News and pic from : Juliana June Rasul @

Jessica Hsuan is addicted to Facebook.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) LOL I am so facebooking her! I guess since stars also have myspace, it shouldn't be a surprise that they might have facebook.

But yea, I guess facebook is a little more private. I can't seem to find her, unless it's really the one without the pic as stated.

* ) I dont seem to find her on facebook other than fans group. Let me know if anyone finds her

* ) what is the stereotypical thoughts on facebook QUOTE 'students with too much time on their hands' i find that total BS its a way of socialising online where its not face to face, for instance and a school you see the person but on facebook its easier to become friends and know about them, what they are saying all teenagers/student dont hav anything better to do than socialise online, yea..well guess what its the 21st century, its technology you didnt experience back in YOUR days like YEARS AGO to make that into simpler words im calling you old!! (note: referring to the reporter even tho i know they wont read this but its a way to let off some steam, another use of the web)

* )

* ) I don't think you could find her. Even if you find the name, the fake one might admit it. So anyways don't waste your time. I look forward to watching PG.

* ) lolz. i dont really like facebook, but i'm glad that jessica is using it cuz i have so many friends that use facebook!!! lolz xDD first ppl get myspace, and not facebook =] awesomeness

* ) Lol..surprise! I thought most artistes won't play facebook/friendster and all other social networking sites because it's dangerous...Plus she's not exactly in the age range I'd consider easily addicted to these sites. Haha..and people have the habit of putting fake pictures on their accounts just for fun so even if I pass by one with the name and pic of say RAIN, I won't think much about it. Besides, I'm not that interested about facebook...But with Jessica also playing it...haha now I'm a bit tempted to accept one of the dozens of invitations that flood my inbox everytime.

BOY I can't wait for PG2!!!! I'll definitely support...Jessica on local tv screen!! Love her to bits and to have her in a locally made tv show is a dream come true. Since when did local tv have such collabs with great foreign actresses/actors like Jessica?

* ) omg she really has an account at facebook!
cos normally it's those people trying to pass themselves off as the artistes..
hmm n i can't find her account too.
but she will accept our friend requests if we added her?

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