Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Metro stop game cable anchor Sufu

In addition to wireless, ATV At 2:28 moment of silence at the ceremony, Metro Broadcast, Cable TV staff also observe silence for three minutes.

Metro chief Zhu Mingrui yesterday to lead the public to DJ Sichuan and observe silence for the victims of the earthquake, while a radio broadcast of Mozart's "Requiem", this song is given to Mozart's relatives and friends of the deceased. The next three days, Metro will be suspended game shows, including "Music-the world" will be changed to "Hong Kong Sichuan Xin Lianxin" special programmes. Metro itself does not do fund-raising activities, but will fully support the Association of Performing Arts on May 25 in West Kowloon in the world at the Disaster Relief concert.

And its nine cable entertainment channel, At 2:28, the broadcast program three minutes into play Xichuan earthquake disaster region. Taiwan and cable entertainment news anchor also in this three-day wear plain clothes. Cable will be at 13:30 on June 7, in Tsuen Wan Yuen Yuen Institute held a "earthquake relief, care of love. Fei Ma private kitchens charitable vegetarian feast. " As to Taiwan yesterday afternoon in the 2:28 time-sharing, the two are sowing the pure music and observe silence for three minutes. This three-day programs generally broadcast as usual, but in a more solemn form of treatment, 0:00, 1, 2 Taiwan network will be "Who resonance."

Feng Delun Karen Mok relief efforts

In addition, Feng Delun earlier and Karen Mok, co-produced by the Wu Yanzu a music video, will launch DVD, to raise funds for earthquake victims in Sichuan. Feng Delun said, but also come up with one to help, before and Karen Mok, Wu Yanzu to reach a consensus. He will also contact the number of Internet companies that allow Internet users to download, can increase revenue. As for the DVD is now time for that time and early June launch. Interest in a number of songs, record companies now have to talk to copyright issues. Feng Delun victims now felt most in need of financial assistance to rebuild their homeland, we hope that after more than a month to donate money, do not forget too quickly the natural disasters.

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