Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Special programmes with them Duiha

Yesterday of national mourning 3, yesterday's 14:28 at the moment of silence, ATV convened nearly 400 members of the Arts, Director and Chief Operating Officer TK HO lead, and observe silence for five minutes, some artists such as Chen Qitai, lin WEI-chen, Fan Yimin equivalent to tears and could not help but shed tears during the moment of silence.

TK HO in silence after that, they received news yesterday, the day of national mourning in television advertising time inactive, ATV is an internal meeting held to discuss a decision yesterday from all channels, including ATV-Home, the station and six Of a comprehensive digital channels broadcast ads 3, the advertising time to broadcast the earthquake reported in Sichuan, and charitable organizations called for donations of films. As for the impact on business operations, said he is still estimated, but the first ad of the contact with customers, are the initial support of their practices.

June 1 to participate in fund-raising activities

Even the Disaster Relief fund-raising, wireless is still soft hands and feet tightly arranged special programmes with them Duihan, TK HO indicated that he did not mind that we are all for fund-raising activities need not mind, who have not the so-called whom. As for wireless-blocking, Eric Tsang, who attended the ATV disaster relief programs, he Yi Wei of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild held on June 1 large-scale fund-raising activities, all media organizations can broadcast, any person fund-raising appeals would tie in with support ATV . Liu Shu Shaw donated 100 million on disaster relief, since the operation were made by different ATV, the news that wireless selling, he read news reports that are to know.

Chen Qitai lin WEI e tears

Chen Qitai edge moment of silence while tears, admitted he had thought beforehand Huiku, but when the moment of silence when Bimu reminds me of the screen, it is shocking, he praised Chinese leaders Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao this incident from the performance of love, All people-oriented, the first time to visit the disaster areas.

Lin WEI-chen in silence before holding Fozhu Niannianyouci, while his tears to flow down nor controlled. He said the study is the Taibei Zhou, in fact this week he and his girlfriend Lv Jingjing North Korea in each study. In addition to saving lives first and foremost, he is very important that reconstruction, foreign experts estimate the reconstruction needs 200 billion yuan, the contributions must continue, he and Eric Tsang to discuss this, "Care Action" to the display with black hands Convenience stores and other places, the public can receive donations, Dai has been remembered in the hands of this matter.

Fan Yimin cause reflection

Fan Yimin Kude even leave Yanjie Mao are falling, she recalls that the days of moving fragments, some reflect on family ties is important, maternal love is great. In her young parents have been divorced, that she has never seen his father since the memory and said a word, has been brought up by his mother take care of, but often contradict, again could not help but shed tears.

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