Thursday, June 05, 2008

Alan Tam received a telephone interview programme to Taiwan

"Care for the performing arts sector 512 operations show" there are still many non-performing after, Alan Tam yesterday received a telephone interview programme to Taiwan, referring to a singer Eric Tsang discontent in East Asia to become a focus of the show, could not help but burst in goal for the end of feast Rough, Lin Yue La leave the team. And the very edge of the drop-Andy Lau, the accused because only donated hundreds of thousands, can only contribute; even Hacken Lee also criticized the chaotic arrangements for the day.

Allen is also the convener of the day, he refers to feast their Ganzhuo goal for the end of the evening to leave, but to know Zhiwei Baocu, because words, the Jackie Chan film was an important part of that sentence before that. Lin Yue and after the end of a set of the Taiwan Shifan, before all know, not a team left Rafah.

Hua Zi seen reports that there are very irritable bowel gas, Allen refers to Huazi do not understand why he should say so, he has advised Huazi not angry, he has a general practice, know the way forward in a good long, it is necessary to gradually share Open to do.

As for the Keqin, he believed that the other side will not to care about these things, like with the day-performance, wireless news also do not broadcast because they link that, in fact, do not have to care about it.

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