Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oriental film new film "generation master"

Oriental film new film "Mr Q" (formerly known as the "generation master» Ye Q "), Wong Kar-wai and the title due to begin shooting the film earlier announced that the same title, bring dissatisfied with Wong Kar-wai, with industry People have repercussions. Orient boss Huang Baiming income for the storm, yesterday formally announced the title as "Ye asked."

In addition, the director Ye Weixin said: "As the story of Bruce Lee will have this role, but a number of Xuanjiao I did not find a suitable actor, but feel that this Bruce Lee, who is not looking for any individual can, therefore decided to carry out A global search for Lee's plan, hoped that through this method to find a suitable "Ye asked:" The movie played in the corner of Bruce Lee, I believe that the world Bruce Lee Fans Wendao Link more money to the many. "

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